Effective and sustainable production systems within aquaculture and agriculture

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The focus of the Swedish research council Formas is a sustainable future.  Formas is tasked by the Swedish government with promoting and supporting basic research and needs-driven research within the areas environment, land-based industries and built environment.

This encompasses climate and the atmosphere, environmental protection, marine environments, nature/fauna conservation and biological diversity.

Land-based industries
This encompasses agriculture, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture, food, veterinary medicine, animal welfare, reindeer farming and bioenergy.

Built environment
This encompasses building and civil engineering, the planning, construction and management process, urban development and research on the environment within the social sciences.  

The research funded by Formas must be of the highest scientific quality and of societal relevance within this council’s area of responsibility. Formas also funds development work to a limited extent. To find more about the work of Formas in promoting research within sustainable development, see the different topics covered by our planning groups (into which all applications for funding are subdivided).

The work of Formas consists of:

  • Funding research
  • Strategy, assessment and analysis
  • Communicating research


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