Effective and sustainable production systems within aquaculture and agriculture

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The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, Mistra, funds research of strategic importance for a good living environment and sustainable development. Mistra is tasked with promoting the development of strong research environments of the highest international class in areas of significance for the future competitiveness of Sweden. All opportunities for achieving industrial applications are exploited.

  • Mistra invests in inter-disciplinary research of the highest class which, with the involvement of end users, contributes to sustainable development.
  • Research initiated by Mistra must contribute to e.g. more efficient energy use and transport, non-toxic and resource-saving environmental life cycles, sustainable production and consumption and sustainable management of land, water and the built environment.
  • To ensure that the results benefit society, research is developed from the idea stage onwards in close collaboration between academia, industry, public institutions and non-governmental organisations.    
  • Mistra invests around SEK 200 million in research every year. At present, Mistra has 15 major interdisciplinary research programmes and centres, each of which runs for between four and eight years or in some cases even longer.
  • Mistra’s capital management is intended to act as a model for how investments can promote progress towards long-term sustainability in society and the private sector.


Name: Thomas Nilsson, Mistra
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