Effektiva och hållbara produktionssystem inom vatten- och jordbruk

Seminar 21 March: Sustainable Aquaculture at local and global scales

Aquaculture is said to be the world’s fastest growing food enterprise. It supplies a growing global population with nutritious food from aquatic animals and plants. However, the production forecasts to 2050 show that global aquaculture production will remain dominated by Asia (~80–90% of world production) while the rest of the world shows very little or no growth. Hyperinflation of the global growth of aquaculture outside of Asia confuses policy-makers, journalists, and the public and may lead to misperceptions that aquaculture is growing massively everywhere and must be severely regulated.

Moderator: Professor Kristina Snuttan Sundell, University of Gothenburg.
Time: Thursday 21 March, at 10.30–16.30
Venue: The Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry, Drottninggatan 95 B, Stockholm, Sweden

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